In view of the role women have traditionally held in society as the administrators of healing, Women’s View Medical Group is founded to promote wellness and excellence in health care using an integrative approach that recognizes and affirms women’s central role in the family as healers and caregivers. This center will strive to provide the highest standard of care that will encompass principles of the American Holistic Association to treat the whole person, by offering a range of treatment options that guide each patient toward a condition of optimal health. Integrated medicine offers each patient the best of modern medicines and therapies, inclusive of safe, natural alternatives where appropriate to help our patients create health. We will explore with each individual patient as a whole person in the context of a whole family, encompassing all levels of healing and health: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. Providers at this center acknowledge a partnership is needed between healer and patient to promote optimal communication, optimal care and optimal health. Women’s View Medical Group commits to adhere to the Healer’s Hippocratic Oath which advocates 1: First do no harm, 2: Understand and respect the healing powers of Nature, 3: Seek to relieve pain and suffering, and 4: Esteem each patient who seeks care. Women’s View Medical Group strives for compassion and excellence in health care to head into the 21st Century of Medicine with new and resounding clarity.


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