Dr. Wendy Rashidi
Mary Brown, FNP-C
Tricia Borchers, PA-C
Mary Brown, FNP-C
Caitlin Matsumoto
Pat Hawk, CDE
Dr. Marquez
Treatment / Services Service Practitioners
Holistic and BioIdentical Hormone Consultations Dr. Wendy Rashidi, MD
Holistic Consultations Coordinator  
Family Health Care Dr. Mirelle Marquez, Mary Brown FNP-C, Tricia Borchers PA-C
Laser and Skin Care Services Dr. Wendy Rashidi MD, Caitlin Matsumoto, PA-C
Osteoporosis Diagnosis and Treatment - DexaScan Dr. Wendy Rashidi, MD
Diabetes Expert, Nutritionist and Weight Loss Counseling Pat Hawk, CDE
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